April 28, 2012

KEAM Engineering Rank Predictor launced by Parinama Insights

Good news for all KEAM 2012 aspirants. Until now you guys did not have a tool to predict Engg ranks. Parinama Insights has launched a new tool today for Engg candidates. Parinama Insights already has rank prediction tool for Medical aspirants.

Please note that for ranks list for KEAM Engg for 2012 will be prepared 600 marks (300 for Entrance Exam marks and 300 normalized Class 12 marks). It is difficult to use the actual formula to calculate normalized marks. However KEAM Express has provided a simple solution to find the normalized marks. Please notes your final marks will be a little different from what is being said in KEAM Express. Please use the calculation method only for estimation.

This is the link from KEAM Express to calculate your marks from 600. And this is the link to Parinama Insights for KEAM Engg Rank Prediction.