December 18, 2010

Books/Guides to prepare for BITSAT 2011

Books/Guides to prepare for BITSAT
There are several books for BITSAT 2011 preparation. We have provided links for important books. You can purchase online to get 25% discounts. You will not get these discounts in bookshops. You also have an option to pay money when the book is delivered to home.

List of books
  • BITSAT 2011 from Pathak for Rs. 450/Rs. 405. Buy Now
  • BITSAT 2011 English and Reasoning from Disha for Rs.140/Rs116. Buy Now
  • BITSAT 2011 from Editorial for Rs.490/Rs. 368. Buy Now
  • BITSAT Practice Papers from GK Publishers for Rs. 250/Rs. 220. Buy Now